Administrative Officer Procedures

Administrative Officer Procedures...

This workshop explores the many roles and functions of the administrative officer and offers a practical guide to successfully executing those functions and effectively leading people to mission accomplishment.

  • Review the roles, functions, and purpose of the administrative officer.
  • Understand your leadership role and responsibilities.
  • Learn to seek, identify, and move people and procure resources in accordance with shifts and changes in the mission.
  • Review the fundamentals of the procurement and acquisition process.
  • Learn to manage transitions and help others to reposition for opportunity.
  • Use communication to facilitate change, to develop human resources, and to effect organizational growth.
  • Understand the federal budget process so you can improve inputs into the budget formulations, spend allocated dollars more wisely, and better match expenditures to mission accomplishment.
  • Use data analysis to better assist managers and staff in monitoring and tracking results.


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